LES USA Launches Premium Range of Thern Winches & Cranes

Will Dunn

December 23, 2020 • 5 min read

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LES USA Launches Premium Range of Thern Winches & Cranes

Lifting Equipment Store (LES USA) is proud to announce a strategic distribution partnership with Thern Winches & Cranes. The connection between the two globally recognized brands will allow customers of LES USA to purchase Thern Winches & Cranes products through the website with ease.

LES USA only partners with brands that can be trusted, are reliable, and aim to deliver value. Thern Winches & Cranes are one of these brands which is why we’ve been excited to announce the partnership with you!

LES entered the USA market after continued success in the UK, which was covered in the news release 'Lifting Equipment Store Launches USA Store'. When the launch of the USA arm was announced, the team wanted to keep the same customer-centric focus while delivering premium recognized brands in that part of the world, which now includes Thern Winches & Cranes.


Who are Thern Winches & Cranes?

Thern Winches & Cranes are a globally recognized winch and crane manufacturer based in the heart of the Midwest in Minnesota with over 70 years of experience in delivering exceptional products with matched customer service. LES USA always has the customer as the focal point and solving the customer's business or personal lifting challenge as the goal.

During the companies 70 plus years in operation, it has onboarded an experienced team of engineers who can consult, design, and make modifications as necessary for its customers to provide results that match what the customer needs.

A key factor that makes Thern Winches & Cranes a great match and ideal brand to offer at LES USA is the companies culture of putting the customer first and its leadership team's experience. The lifting solutions the business has designed, brought to market, and implemented to add greater value to its customers in its niche is unmatched. Thern Winches & Cranes has supported industries that range from aerospace to oil & gas, mining to wastewater, manufacturing to construction which illustrates the experience the company has across various large sectors.

If you’re already a customer of LES USA or LES, you will likely know how seriously we take quality and ensure you’re aware of best health and safety practices when using your lifting equipment. Thern Winches & Cranes tick all the boxes for making sure its products meet quality standards by being an ISO 9001:2015 certified business so you can be sure when buying Thern products from us that you’re using trusted and tested equipment.


About the distribution partnership

For years LES has supplied standard, specialized, and tailored lifting equipment to multiple sectors and industries across the world including manufacturing, oil & gas, and automotive. From one-part orders through to end-to-end large-scale crane lifting solutions, LES has seen it all making the team well prepared to provide solutions for the trickiest of challenges. The partnership with Thern Winches & Cranes will expand on this success by enabling customers to now have solutions for any type of lift, pull, or positioning challenges that can be faced in the workspace.

The newly added range of Thern Winches & Cranes products now available on the LES USA site has increased the availability of winches and cranes you can purchase and use to solve your business and heavy lifting challenges.


What products are available?

To give you an idea of what you can now purchase from our store and the situations this new product range can do for you, we’ve put an overview of the type of products that are now available to you and your team.

Please check out the Thern product page where you can see the full range of products that you can get to improve the performance of your business.

Oh, did we mention that all of Thern Winches & Cranes products are made in the USA? This means that every product that is designed, built, and delivered is made with confidence by an in-house team to ensure you’re only getting the most reliable products on the market. This also fits right in-line with our mission to support US manufacturing.


Thern Winches

The winches that are now available on our store from Thern Winches & Cranes provide you and your team with maximum durability, reliability, and safety that matches what your business needs. The type of winches includes electric winches, air winches, and hand winches.


Thern Cranes

Thern cranes are renowned for having a variety of products that can provide the solution for heavy-duty lifting and positioning in your company. As part of our distribution of Thern we will be stocking both portable and stationary davit cranes to give our customers the cranes that can be the ideal replacement for jib cranes and gantry cranes while being a great compliment to your overhead cranes, bridge cranes, and industrial cranes.

Do you need a winch or crane?

We’re really excited to be partnering with Thern Winches & Cranes as we know it’s these carefully considered types of partnerships that allow us to help you and your business achieve more for its customers.

From now on if you need a winch, davit crane, and any of the add-ons that support these products, you can get your hands on the high-quality and safety tested Thern Winches & Cranes products from LES USA now!

If you have any questions about how these products can benefit you and your business, want to find out more about the brand Thern Winches & Cranes, or see how these products can be a great accompaniment with other products we offer, please contact a regularly trained and experienced member of the LES USA team.

Will Dunn

December 23, 2020 • 5 min read

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