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Spreader Bars

Designed for use with other rigging such as slings and shackles, a Spreader Bar is often the largest piece of below-the-hook rigging used in any lift. Suspended by a double-legged sling and typically featuring hooks or shackles on the underside, the bar helps distribute the load more efficiently to send forces in the correct direction and ensure an even lift in small or large lifts.

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Vestil Short Span Steel Lifting Plate

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Spreader Bars for Lifting

In heavy lifting and rigging Spreaders are used for redirecting rigging from multiple lift points to a singular collector point (from load to crane hook). This efficient method of rigging redirects compression forces away from the load and in to the spreader bar. Typically a spreader bar obtains its stability by pulling the suspension point (crane hook) away from the center of gravity where the load is situated. You will need a considerable amount of headroom to use a spreader bar and as such they are typically more frequently used in outdoor applications.

Lifting Spreader Bar Design

Whatever the challenge- we've got the solution. Offering Lifting Spreader Bar Design in partnership with Tandemloc and can provide a complete concept-to-completion design for your next lift. Simply pick up the phone or send us an email with a drawing of your load and lift plan and we'll get to work on the design and manufacture of your custom made spreader bar.