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Mobile Gantries

Mobile Gantry Cranes are portable lifting beam systems that typically suspend an electric or manual chain hoist. Not only providing a secure and safe suspension point, many gantry cranes feature enough room for horizontal traverse of the hoist enabling its use in a diverse range of applications from simple maintenance jobs to more complex confined space recovery applications (check out our Reid models for this feature).

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Vestil Adjustable Gantry Crane 10ft Span, 2000lb

From $2,935.98

Vestil Gantry Crane 10ft Height, 4000lbs

From $2,217.93

Vestil Gantry Crane 10ft Height, 2000lbs

From $2,365.90

Vestil Tripod Hoist Stands

From $1,217.85

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Mobile Gantries are today a widely trusted and essential piece of workplace equipment.

Designed specifically for easy maneuverability, Mobile Gantry Systems are highly customizable meaning that you receive a product that matches your exact requirements. Particularly suitable for use in confined spaces, Mobile Gantries have the capability to suspend hoists and chain blocks, as well as personnel and fall arrest equipment.

Available in a spectrum of safe working loads, many of our Mobile Gantries are available in aluminum and stainless steel, making them suitable for a wide range of operating environments, from engineering and construction to food and pharmaceutical.

If you're looking for something specific, or unsure of which product will drive you towards your goals, why not give our Sales Team a call who have the knowledge to advise you to make the right decision.


What is a Gantry Crane used for?

In domestic applications Gantry Cranes are typically used for repairing/changing car engines or for to get a deer in your truck by yourself. In a more industrial environment they're used for maintenance applications such as generator and HVAC installations and repairs or for confined space recovery by using a Reid branded crane which comes with additional features to enable safe use in lifting of people.


Does a Gantry Crane require a track?

Our systems are completely standalone and do not require any type of track or runway system to operate. Generally these types of cranes are not moved when under load.