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Our Hand Winch products shown with 'Load Brake' include a mechanical load brake which is released by turning the winch handle, when the handle is released the brake locks on preventing the load from moving or slipping. Our wire ropes come ready to fit to your winch and are terminated with a swivel hook. Choose from regular finish to Stainless Steel for added corrosion protection when lifting outdoors. Our Thern Worm Gear Hand Winch offers a drill-drive option with model 4WM2 meaning you can use a cordless drill to power the winch in the field and save your arms and your time!

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Thern Worm Gear Hand Winches

From $312.00

Thern Direct Drive Hand Winch


Thern Spur Gear Hand Winches - Stainless Steel

From $1,220.00

Thern Spur Gear Hand Winches - Double Reduction

From $649.00

Thern Spur Gear Hand Winches - Single Reduction

From $313.00

Thern Galvanized Wire Rope Assemblies

From $140.00

Thern Vertical Lead Block

From $517.00

Thern Stainless Steel Wire Rope Assemblies

From $239.00

OZ Lifting Carbon Steel Brake Winch

From $79.99

OZ Lifting Carbon Steel Hand Winch

From $440.00

OZ Lifting Stainless Steel Brake Winch

From $268.99

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Everything you need to consider about your next Hand Winch

What are hand winches?

Sometimes called a "hand wench" in the south, these devices are used to pull or lift heavy loads. It typically consists of a spool or barrel attached to a handle, which can be operated manually or with the use of an electric drill. The spool is fitted with a steel cable or wire rope, which is wrapped around the spool and secured by the end termination button, the other end of the rope features a hook which attaches to the load being lifted/pulled. The operator applies force to the handle to rotate the gearing inside the winch which turns the spool and winds up the cable. Commonly used on Davit Cranes and other lifting systems for numerous applications from maintenance to lifting cars out of ditches, pulling boats onto shorelines, hoisting heavy objects into place in construction work, and many others. They're also incredibly useful for recreational activities such as watersports, fishing and camping when you need to pull heavy items like a jetski or boat on to its trailer.

Are hand winches safe?

Hand winches can be a safe and effective tool for various applications, such as hoisting or pulling, when used correctly. Always inspect for any frayed cables or worn out components before use. The operator should securely attach the load to the hook, and ensure it is balanced appropriately. Additionally, the operator should always wear protective gloves, a hard hat, and steel-toed boots while operating the winch for maximum protection. It is also important to ensure that the winch is rated for the weight of the load; if there are any doubts about its capacity, it is better to get an appropriately rated machine rather than risking injury or damage to the machine itself.