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Vestil Overhead Load Lifters

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Tandemloc AN17A Lightweight Pallet Lifter

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Crane forks can be self-balancing or manual balanced, they vary in size and can be used to transport a range of materials. You can see the full range of our pallet lifters below to see how they work.

Self-balancing crane forks are frequently used on building sites by overhead cranes, tower cranes, and other types of hoists with them mainly being used for industrial construction applications. The width of the forks can easily be adjusted and the center of gravity is automatically balanced usually by a spring-loaded system.

The number of positions that the forks can adjust to may vary product to product so please make sure you check each product listing we offer so you know you've got the right size. If you're not sure, you can always contact us to see what crane fork is right for your business.

Manual balanced crane forks are equipped with manually adjustable settings. The balancing system for manually balanced models engages when the master link is manually hooked into the appropriate notch or via a counter-balance weight.

You'll find these pallet lifters being often used to transport pallets or similar totes and you are able to push the forks closer together if required to increase the surface area. Being able to adjust the pallet size means different materials can be transported. Chains are also included with some of the crane forks so that the loads you are transporting can be secured.