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Chain Binders & Lashing Chains

Fasten down those big loads and get ready for heavy hauling on the open road with our tough range of binders and chains designed for professional truckers with quality and safety in mind. Ready to save even more time? Try our Speedbinders and experience the difference!

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Crosby Speedbinders TD92RL Torque Drive Load Binder 3/8-1/2

Price on Application

Ratchet Type Chain Binder

From $22.84

Grade 70 Transport Binder Chain

From $29.99

Kinedyne Ratchet Style Chain Binder

From $25.74

Crosby Speedbinders Drive Bolt Replacement 14mm, 9/16

Price on Application

Speedbinders Zinc Coated Zerk Protectors

Price on Application

Peerless Ratchet Load Binder

Price on Application

Kinedyne Grade 70 Grab Hook Chain Assembly 3/8

From $101.48

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Chain Binders AKA Load Binders are designed to pull and tighten chain together in order to secure cargo to the bed of a truck. Used in combination with Binder Chain which is the chain used to bind down a load to the flat bed of a truck. Here at LES USA we supply both to ensure you have everything you need when it comes to hauling your next load.

Ratchet Binder Sizes

  • 5/16-3/8"
  • 3/8-1/2"
  • 1/2-5/8"

Lashing/Tie-Down Chain Sizes :

  • 5/16"
  • 3/8"
  • 1/2"
  • 5/8"

Choose from Grade 70, Grade 80 or Grade 100 Tie Down options which can be fitted with forged sling hooks or grab hooks to suit your preference, we can supply exact cut lengths with the hooks already installed or you can purchase barrels of chain along with components and build them as you go.

Have you tried Speedbinders? We highly recommend you take a look! Save your shoulders, save time and most importantly save money and earn a return on your investment by making the switch today!

For help choosing your next set of Chains & Binders please contact a member of our sales team who will be happy to guide you through the process.

Chain Binders You Can Trust

Finding a quality and robust solution you can trust on a long journey is essential, carrying spares is recommended of course, but no one wants to carry a complete fleet! Buying a quality binder is essential to professional truckers travelling long distances and you can be sure that our ratchets are the best in the business. Quality Matters To Us and this is why we only supply fully certified LES approved brands you can trust.


Grade 70 & Grade 80 Binder Chain

The difference in the grade of chain offers a change in breaking strength per inch. What this means is that the higher the grade of material the stronger it is and so a 3/8" diameter chain in Grade 100 will be significantly stronger then a 3/8" diameter chain in Grade 70 or Grade 80, this presents significant value in many applications where increased strength or decreased size/weight play a factor.

Grade 70 Chain

Most frequently used in America, this is the most cost-effective and weakest solution there is in terms of strength, however, that doesn't mean the quality is effected, Grade 70 chain supplied by LES is in demand with many customers and offers the perfect solution for cheap and safe lashing. Typically a gold color and is machine welded, Grade 70 is the minimum grade required for load transportation in the US.

Grade 80 Chain

Offering an increased breaking strength, Grade 80 binder chain is typically black in color and can be used in Europe and the USA, the increase in strength means that the same diameter in Grade 80 offers a larger capacity which offers a weight saving in most instances, G80 is great for applications where tension is expected to be particularly high.

Grade 100 Chain

The highest capacity chain we offer, normally reserved for lifting applications, Grade 100 chain can be used in lashing applications where necessary. It is particularly advantageous for extremely heavy loads requiring larger capacity solutions that would otherwise be heavier or simply unavailable in another grade of material.