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Lifting clamps are clamps that allow lifting both vertically and horizontally. They can have special properties and as a result, can suit most applications. Lifting clamps are safe and effective while being offered at a great price for the value you can get out of them. Lifting clamps vary in lift capacity so we recommend that you check individual clamps for details to ensure you've got the right type.

Top tier reputable manufacturers for lifting clamps include Camlok, Yale, Tractel, Riley Superclamp, and Crosby, all of which you can find in the product selection below offered by Lifting Equipment Store USA. Lifting clamps are designed to be used in workplaces that include warehouses, fabrication plants, ports, and docks.

Clamps are designed to lift and handle various materials and of course what clamp you get depends on what your business does, how regularly you need to use one, and what materials you need the clamps to lift. Clamps are designed for pulling, handling tension loads, and holding items in place.

There are various types of clamps so be sure to do your research one which ones are most appropriate for your company. Not all lifting clamps play the same role. There are lifting clamps that are not suitable for some jobs and if you have any questions on whether the clamps we offer below are suitable or not for you, we encourage you to get in touch to discuss this in more detail with us.

When picking a lifting clamp, a big deciding factor for which one you go for is on the weight it needs to hold which makes it important for you to do your research on which clamps accommodate which materials. In addition, it is important to choose the correct lifting clamp to avoid any damage or even any injuries from occurring.

If you have any questions on lifting clamps or are uncertain which lifting clamp is right for you, please contact an experienced member of the Lifting Equipment Store USA today.