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CM Shopair Air Chain Hoist

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Pneumatic Air Hoists offer heavy duty solutions that powered or manual hoists are simply unable to provide such as extremely long lifting heights and faster speeds due to the presence of no electrical motors and therefore no worry of overheating due to intense operation. Air hoists are also commonly used in applications where there is no electrical supply or where power is weak. Boasting super heavyweight capacities and impressive capabilities set pneumatic hoists apart from the rest- truly a specialist piece of equipment.

What You Need To Know About Air Hoists

Buying an air hoist is no more complex than purchasing an electric chain hoist, you'll need some basic information about your application and the intended use of the hoist, the rest you can leave up to us.

Capacity : it's important to know how heavy you plan to lift for the long term with this hoist, it's not cheap and it should last a long time if correctly maintained, so buy for the future and you won't regret it later. Choose your lifting capacity wisely.

Height of Lift : again another factor to consider carefully and purchase wisely, it's important to get your lifting height correct, choosing a chain length that is too short can land you with an expensive bill to replace it (remember- we cannot modify chain, it's a total replacement!). Standard heights start at 10ft and are pretty much limited to your imagination with pneumatic hoists.

Suspension Type : air hoists can be suspended statically using a top hook suspension or fitted to a beam travelling trolley to allow for complete horizontal traverse. Beam trolleys can be manually pushed/pulled or air powered from the hoist supply.

Control Type : traditionally powered hoists are controlled by a pendant control but more frequently air hoists are controlled by 'pull cords'.