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Hammerhead Endless Slings

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Synthetic Rope Slings (Hammerhead branded) are manufactured right here in Houston, TX using the highest strength synthetic rope; Plasma (by Cortland).

Plasma 12-Strand is made from High Modulus Polyethylene (HMPE) that is enhanced by Cortland's patented recystallization process. Every Hammerhead Synethic Rope Sling is covered with a braided polyester cover, in addition, each sling is then coated with an abrasion resistant FiberLock coating. The lower capacity slings are color coded based on vertical working load limits whilst larger slings are orange or green in color. Custom covers and colors are available in request using special materials such as Spectra, Technora, Kevlar etc.

These HMPE Rope Slings are massively advantageous for heavy duty lifts boasting capacities up to over 1,000,000lbs, their compact and lightweight design sets them apart from standard Endless Round Slings .