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Vestil Counterbalance Shop Crane

$3,132.99 $3,213.97

Vestil Shop Crane Engine Hoist

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Shop cranes are also known as engine cranes. Shop cranes are popular due to being easy to move, handy in close situations, and don't take up much space as they are foldable so can be moved and stored elsewhere if required. Shop cranes are commonly used for the automotive and maintenance industry to lift engines via a sling. By doing this, it lifts relatively small yet heavy items in a vertical way to give the person access to parts that might otherwise not be accessible. There is a hydraulic handle which pumps hydraulic pressure to allow you to move the crane arm to move and lift.

Car shop engine cranes are well lasting if you look after them correctly which we always advise our valued customers to do. The jib position can be altered which means a larger capacity can be lifted and this also does depend on the model.

If you want to find out more about engine cranes, we recommend you read the article 'Everything you need to know about free standing cranes' to give you an in-depth breakdown of how they work and how they can benefit you.

You can see the full range of our car shop engine cranes below and can always contact us if you're not sure what car shop engine crane is right for your business challenge.