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Electric Winches

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Thern Galvanized Wire Rope Assemblies

From $140.00

Thern Stainless Steel Wire Rope Assemblies

From $239.00

Thern Liberty Capstan Winch

From $4,030.00

Thern Vertical Lead Block

From $517.00

Thern Worm Gear Power Winches

From $2,975.00

Thern Power Winches

From $3,100.00

OZ Lifting Electric Winches

From $749.00

Thern 4HS Series - Helical/Spur Gear Power Winches

From $11,800.00

Electric Winches are designed for lifting, pulling, and positioning. Used both indoors or outdoors while being capable to withstand explosive atmospheres which makes them a popular choice for businesses that deal with hazardous goods. We believe in only providing our customers with the highest quality products with Tractel being one that offers great electric winches which you can see in our selection below.

We always aim to provide our valued customers with bespoke and custom options and these are an example of a product that can be customized for your use. If you're unsure if you need an electric winch or a hand winch , please contact an experienced member of the Lifting Equipment Store USA team today.

Thern Electric Winches

We've partnered with Thern Winches & Cranes to supply the very best in American made powered winches . Offering capacities up to 56,000lbs the Thern Electric Winch range is vast and accomodating for all types of applications which can be combined with Thern's range of wire ropes and winch lines as well a control unit, all which are available right here from LES USA.

Choose your winch style, pick the voltage: 115v single phase, 230v single phase, 230v three phase or 460v three phase. It is recommended that if you have three phase power available that you choose a three phase hoist, not only do they offer the most versatile ranges in speed and control but they're also the most cost-effective and easy to maintain, then add your control gear and wire rope then you are all set for winching and pulling. Anchoring your winch is easy and should be done using chemical resin anchors suitable of taking the loadings and weight of the machine.

Winch cables are supplied loose as standard, however we do offer an extra fee for spooling on the drum in advance of shipping.

The beauty about Thern Electric Winches is that spare parts are available now and for many years to come, the brand is well established in the marketplace as one of the leaders in the industry and this is why we're proud to be supplying high quality and robust Thern products.