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Drum Lifting Attachments

Drum lifting attachments makes the moving of drums easy and simple for you. You can use drum lifting attachments with cranes, hoists, and forklifts to make the process easier and allow for more flexibility when dealing with items on the lifting equipment above. Drum tongs and drum clamps make lifting the drum vertically and horizontally easy by making it secure for you and lowering the health and safety risks that are present with moving heavy items. The clamps make the grip super-strong enabling you to eliminate any worry that the drum will be dropped while being moved around your workspace. Leading manufacturers include Invicta, Camlok - all of which we supply and can be viewed in our product selection below. If you have any questions on how drum lifting attachments can help your business or need to discuss bespoke requirements, please contact an experienced member of the Lifting Equipment Store USA team today!

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Drum Lifter Chain Sling


Morse Manual Pouring Drum Lifter

From $360.00

Morse Steel Drum Lifter


Morse Verti-Karrier Drum Lifter

From $320.00

Morse Power-Tilt Forklift Drum Handler

From $5,011.58

Morse Omni-Lift 405 Series Drum Rackers

From $3,513.00

Morse 55-Gallon Drum Lifting Hook

From $100.00

Morse Drum Upender

From $71.00

Morse Clamp+GO Detachable Dolly Handles

From $227.37

Vestil Overhead Cylinder Lift


Morse Geared Pouring Drum Lifter


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What are the 4 Drum Lifter types?

  1. Drum Lifting Clamps- typically clamp around the top rim of the drum to form a secure and safe lift
  2. Drum Lifting Chains- typically clamp around the top with two clamps or one on the top and one on the bottom for horizontal transport
  3. Drum Lifting Cradles- offer maximum stability and a higher level of safety due to their enclosed design
  4. Drum Rotators- enable the drum to be mixed or poured via a rotating axis once lifted

Our Morse Drum Lifter models are particular popular since they are manufactured in the United States.

What is a Drum Lifting Clamp?

Designed to lift from the top rim of a steel, plastic or fiber drum, Drum Clamps are a lightweight and cost-effective industrial solution to lifting and handling drums when you have an overhead crane or forklift available. Choose from a single, double or triple point connection with adjustable and low-profile designs available.