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Safety Harnesses

Safety Harnesses are part of the essential kit required to work safely at height and are often paired with other accessories such as anchor points, lanyards and Self Retracting Lifelines (SRL's) in-order to form a complete fall protection solution.

The harness is designed to accommodate to your body shape and provides comfort when working and has adjustable straps to either loosen or tighten accordingly giving the wearer absolute confidence so they can work at heights and feel confident. There is a range of models to pick from that you can see below.

Things to consider when purchasing the harness should be, the fully adjustable leg and shoulder straps, quick-release buckles, elastic straps for flexibility, any extra padding for added comfort, anchorage, and any additional accessories.

Size guides are provided in our products and it's important that you measure yourself to match up the best-suited safety harness for you. Making sure that your limbs are flexible enough in the harness to get the job done is a point you should consider when trying on your harness, it's easy to adjust all of our harnesses for the perfect fit. Often clothing can affect the feeling of a harness so when products are being sized, wear clothing you would normally wear when working.

If you have any questions about the models and brands we sell, we welcome you to contact us to discuss the details of our Safety Harnesses in more detail.