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Floor Mount Jib Cranes are designed to facilitate a lightweight and efficient lifting system for the purpose of loading machinery, tooling and handling general loads up to a weight of 5Tons (capacity permitting) they're often favored over gantry cranes because of their size and cost-effective nature meaning you can generally purchase and operate several Jibs instead of installing one large overhead gantry crane (where only 1 person at a time can use it too!).


Efficient and are often fitted with electric or manual hoists, free-standing jib cranes need to be mounted to the floor well with chemical resin anchor bolts in order to stay upright.

When you're selecting your Floor Mount Jib Crane , it's important that you consider your environemnt which will help determine size factors such as the overall height, height under the arm and the length of the jib arm. The sizes can be completely custom or you can select standard dimensions from 5ft, 10ft, 15ft etc. After determining the height of the system and the arm length, you will need to decide on the weight capacity of the Floor Mounted Jib Crane which comes in weight capacities of 250lbs, 500lbs, 1000lbs, 2000lbs and larger. The final decision to make when installing a jib is to decide if you require electrics for a hoist. Once you are happy with the specifications of your free standing jib crane, you need to decide if you would like a manual or electric chain hoist.


Considerations when buying a Floor Mount Jib Crane

Choosing a crane is EASY with the assistance of LES USA's Jib Experts who will walk you through all the necessary steps in order to find you the best system for the job, do consider the following before your consultation:

  1. Location of the crane - choosing a location that enables the anchoring of the crane to the ground is important, having clear access and a nice stable base pad is essential (don't worry, we'll let you know the specifications required) you'll need to ensure that you place the crane in a location where it can be most efficient (why place the crane where it can only load 1 machine instead of 2?) maximize your opportunity and scope out your install position wisely
  2. Lifting Capacity - the maximum weight the crane can lift is the first determining factor and dictates the size of the steel used to manufacture it etc. Choosing the right weight capacity should be done with consideration for the furture- will you be lifting more in the future? Go bigger today instead of buying a whole new crane system tomororw...
    Capacities start from 250lbs and go up to 10,000lbs or 5Tons
  3. Size - Choosing the right dimensions for your crane might sound daunting at first, it's easy! Simply determine the following:
    Arm Length/Reach
    Your desired floor to hook clearance
    Maximum height of the crane (take in to account any ceiling, low hanging lights, beams etc.)
  4. Hoist Type - Electric Chain Hoists are most commonly paired with Floor Mount Jib Cranes , however we can offer manual solutions for applications where there is no power source or where budget constraint is an issue


There are other factors to consider if your application is more bespoke such as weather if the crane is located outdoors, materials if the crane is being used in the pharma or petrochemical industry.



Foundationless Floor Mounted Jib Crane