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Individual Safety Harnesses

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There are several types of safety harnesses available to buy from Lifting Equipment Store and we want to make sure you pick the right safety harness for you. You can see the full range of the safety harnesses we offer in the products below.

Safety harnesses are a type of safety equipment designed to protect an individual from injury or damage and allow for work to be done in line with health and safety measures. They can be used along with side shock absorbers that absorb the shock to regulate the deacceleration to keep the individual safe in moving environments.

The different types of fall protection harnesses include:

Electricians harness or roofer harness : These harnesses are there to keep workers safe while working at great heights. It is also made out of insulated metal parts to prevent the material from being exposed to electrical currents.

One point harness : These harnesses are affordable and good for multiple uses. The attach point is at the rear and there are a variety of styles and sizes available.

Three-point harness : These have three points of attachment as the name suggests with points of attachment on the rear, chest, and waist. This is for extra security and safety for users.

If you have any questions about what safety harness is right for you, please contact an experienced member of the Lifting Equipment Store team today where they will be happy to help you.