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Harrington Black TNER Stage Electric Chain Hoist

From $3,280.52

Guard Load Arrestor- Galvanized

From $915.00

Guard Load Arrestor - Stainless Steel

From $1,422.00

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There are single-phase basic hoist or/and three-phase double braked motor suitable for rigging over people’s heads allowing you not having to worry about adding any other safety precautions. CM has a new advanced braking system that is virtually maintenance-free providing you with fewer problems.

Another notable mention is Loadguard who has great rigging motors and hoists. If your business operates in the theatre entertainment rigging industry, these are an ideal rigging motor and hoist for you due to the products durability.

Below is an overview of what rigging motors and hoists are to give you an idea of where you might use them and if they are the right product for you. Below that you can find the full range of our rigging motors and hoists we currently have available to you.

  • The brake is mounted after the slipping clutch; clutch wear does not affect the integrity of the load. A double brake assembly is also available.
  • Control System ensures no electrics are susceptible to interference and there is an emergency stop contactor if required can be fitted.
  • Geared limit switch is available with 2 or 4 position limit stops to protect your load- for added safety.
  • The load chain wheel is manufactured from hardened steel and not very loud making it an ideal solution to where noise levels may be an issue.
  • Permanent grease lubrication for wear-resistant operation with no oil leakage.
  • Replacing parts is easy for you to do.
  • Slipping clutch creates precise adjustments and is highly resistant to wear while also being maintenance free making them a handy solution for you.
  • The motor is designed to operate in tough conditions.

If you have any questions on what rigging motors and hoists are right for you and your business, please contact an experienced member of the Lifting Equipment Store USA today where you can have your problem discussed in a tailored approach for you.