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Load Cells

Load Cells are used in lots of applications and come in various shapes and sizes, ours are designed for lifting and rigging, monitoring of complex loads and simple everyday lifts.  Hook up to your existing crane or rig using shackles (we recommend Green Pin brand since they are readily available and great quality/value!).

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Straightpoint LoadLink Plus Load Cell

From $3,188.00

Straightpoint Handheld Plus for SP Loadcells

From $2,080.50

Straightpoint WireLink Plus Tension Load Cell

From $2,788.00

Straightpoint Towcell Towbar Load Cell


Straightpoint Wireless Loadshackles

From $3,761.00

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Buy Straightpoint Load Cells (Crosby)

Manufactured in the United Kingdom, you can buy Crosby Straightpoint Load Cells in the United States distributed by LES USA , SP have got it on point when it comes to quality aircraft-grade aluminum crane load measuring sensors. Now part of The Crosby Group, the Straightpoint range offers models with built in screens, hand-held displays or remote monitoring software to cater to every rigging need whether you are reading from close distance or far away. View realtime data or collect data via the remote monitoring software (data-logging) and view it later, whichever you decide, all of the SP range boasts military grade acuracy and 5* quality assurance.

Types of Straightpoint Load Cells for sale

Load Cells For Cranes

Load monitoring for cranes is easy when you choose one of our ultra-portable weighing solutions from Straightpoint or LMS. We are well vhersed in the fast-paced supply of load cells when and where you need them.

An important tool used in rigging operations. They measure the amount of weight a crane is lifting and provide real-time feedback to operators. This allows for more precise and safer operation, as well as allowing operators to make adjustments on the fly if needed. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and capacities depending on the specific requirements of each operation. A load cell typically consists of strain gauges that measure the tension applied to them when pressure is placed onto them from objects being lifted by the crane. These readings are then sent back to a control panel or monitor where it can be clearly seen by the operator.

In addition to providing accuracy in weight measurements, load cells also serve as an important safety feature. If the crane is lifting more than its maximum load capacity, the unit will alert operators and give them time to respond before an accident or injury occurs. This can help prevent costly damages and ensure that safety standards are upheld in every lift.

Overall, load cells are essential for cranes when needing to provide accurate weight measurements and they ensure safe operation of in all applications. By monitoring the amount of weight is being lifted, operators can be sure that their equipment is working properly and safely at all times. The addition of load cells to any lift is highly recommended for enhanced operation capabilities and improved safety.