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Connectors & Accessories

Connectors and accessories come in a wide variety of selections. Connectors and accessories accompany the various selection of lanyards, harnesses, and fall arrests and restraint equipment. Connectors vary in shape with some using a screw lock system and others provide autolocking. The metal of the connector varies with it commonly being made from steel or aluminum.

In regard to accessories, there are a number of variations on offer for you to choose from. They can range from anchor points, rope accessories, helmets, pouches, rescue equipment, and more.

Rope accessories include anchor plates, pulleys, rope protectors, and descent devices.

Helmets come in a range of sizes so picking a comfortable and tight fit is important to make sure it fits you and can do its job at protecting you.

Pouches are available if you require a side bag whilst working. This can be used to hold or store items so that they do not drop when you're not using them as to cause a health and safety risk while a pouch also allows you a number of tools on hand to do a task quicker.

Rescue equipment is also available to purchase from Lifting Equipment Store USA. There are emergency packages that include tripods, winches, and evacuation harness. These accessories simply offer additional safety, so it is up to your discretion which you decide to invest in. These items are simply extras and are appealing to those who want to be prepared or need them for jobs where there are higher safety levels in place.

You can contact a member of the team at Lifting Equipment Store USA if you have any questions on connectors and accessories that are right for you.