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Crane Scales

Under-the-hook load weighers and crane scales with digital indicators and remote connectivity in many models. Buy with confidence from the load weighing experts.

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Vestil Crane Scales

$780.99 $921.95

Straightpoint Miniweigher Plus Compact Crane Scale

From $3,208.00

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Crane scales are powerful pieces of equipment designed to provide accurate measurements of heavy loads in a wide variety of industrial settings. This makes them an invaluable tool for businesses that frequently need to track the weight and size of large, heavy items. Thanks to their combination of superior accuracy, durability, and reliability, crane scales are becoming increasingly popular with companies across a wide range of industries.

Measuring loads up to hundreds of tons with incredible precision, digital load indicators are made from tough materials like stainless steel and aluminum so they can stand up to harsh environmental conditions without losing accuracy or functionality over time. This makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Many modern solutions also come equipped with digital displays that give users real-time readings on the load they're lifting or weighing. This allows them to quickly adjust their operations as needed without having to guess at the results.

In addition, many are available with wireless with Bluetooth connectivity options that allow you to monitor the scale and datalog remotely via laptop or smartphone. This enables even greater control over operations, giving businesses more flexibility when it comes to controlling safety, ensuring protocols are followed, and responding quickly if there's any unexpected change in the load being lifted or weighed.

Overall, crane scales are an incredibly useful piece of equipment that helps businesses increase productivity while keeping costs down in a wide variety of industrial settings. With its impressive accuracy, durability, and convenience features such as remote monitoring capabilities - it's no wonder why these devices are becoming increasingly popular with businesses all around the world!