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Lifting Shackles

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CM Carbon Anchor Shackles Orange Powder Coated Screw Pin

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CM Theatrical Shackles Painted Black Screw Pin

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CM Galvanized Bolt, Nut & Cotter Pin Carbon Chain Shackles

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CM Galvanized Screw Pin Carbon Chain Shackles

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CM Carbon Web Sling Shackles

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HHIppo Link Soft Shackles


Straightpoint Wireless Loadshackles


CM Galvanized Round Pin Alloy Anchor Shackles

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CM Galvanized Round Pin Carbon Anchor Shackles

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CM Turnbuckle Hook/Hook

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CM Turnbuckle Hook/Eye

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There are various types such as dee shackles, bow shackles, safety pin shackles, and more. The maximum weight capacity varies from 0.33 T up to 1500 T -depending on the type so please check the lifting shackles below to ensure you have the correct ones for your situation.

You can see below the different types of lifting shackles we have available for you. We've also given you a brief breakdown of what the different lifting shackles are below. If you have any questions, please contact an experienced member of the Lifting Equipment Store USA team today.

Chain shackles

Are ‘D’ shaped and otherwise known as Dee shackles. The shackle itself has an entrance the same size as the width of the body making them perfect for connecting, hoists, and rigging. They have strict quality standards to ensure great performance. This is to ensure high levels of safety and effective performance.

Anchor shackles

Otherwise known as Bow Shackles are produced at the highest quality. They should be safe enough to give you peace of mind. They can be slightly larger than Chain shackles. They have a larger surface area so you can attach more to them. For example, you can attach slings and crane hooks. They are rounder in shape (more of a C shape). Some have a galvanized finished for protection against harsh environments, so they stay in good condition for longer.

Specialist shackles

These are designed for use in particular environments. There are simple long mouth piling shackles and more complex polar shackles. Even those with load measuring functionality. There are various styles available and some are galvanized so that they last longer. They are often used for fishing, rigging, pulling, connecting, and so on and this is partly due to the fact they can withstand weathering. High regarded manufacturers include Green Pin, Crosby, and CM.

What are Rigging Shackles?

Heavy-Duty Rigging Shackles are used offshore, onshore and in domestic and industrial applications to lift, suspend and connect loads. Rigging Shackles is a term frequently used to describe the above types of shackles collectively, designed to rig components together, the name forms most of the explanation.