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Machine Moving Skates

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Large Hydraulic Furniture Movers 4000Lb


Manual Furniture Movers 1300Lb


Machine Moving Skate Kit- 6Ton


Fixed Machinery Moving Skate 6 Ton


Fixed Machinery Moving Skate 3 Ton


Machine Moving Skate Kit- 24Ton


Fixed Machinery Moving Skate 2.5 Ton


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Machine and load moving skates can be used to transport and maneuver heavy-duty loads in locations where the surface is smooth and the pathway is clear enough to permit easy rolling along the ground (in applications where this isn't the case it is recommended to lay steel plates before carrying out the move). Our systems are easy to use and low-profile enough to slide under the bottom of most machines so that the unit can still clear low ceilings, doors and other obstacles.

3-Point Load Moving System

Skate Kits generally feature a front steerable unit which rotates to provide easy directional movement and a pair of rear skates which are most often tied together with a tie-rod to prevent them from seperating, this makes up a 3-point system. Most can rotate at least 180 degrees if not the whole 360 degrees. There are high-quality machine skates and load moving skates that can move anything from 10 tonnes up to 100 tonnes, which we offer at Lifting Equipment Store USA. Credible and high-quality brands that create the skates are; Vestil, HTS, and LES.

Lifting Machines Onto Skates

Regardless of whether you can fit a skate set under your unit you're probably wondering how you actually lift your big CNC or Lazer Cutter in the first place?! Well, we recommend using a low-profile Toe Jack and our friends at HTS make a superb range of jacks that you should be sure to check out to compliment your moving kit. By wedging a jack under your machine you'll be able to lift it, you may require several jacks or support blocks to properly balance your load and should always follow the manufacturers guidance on how to move a machine.