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Eyebolts & Screw Type Lifting Points

Eyebolts & Screw Type Lifting Points can be fixed or swiveling and rotating to facilitate angular lifting without exherting too much stress on the lifting point. Our Swivel Hoist Rings are frequently purchased and used in the injection molding and manufacturing sectors for attachment to molds and precision components. Choosing a model is easy since you just check the capacity, thread diameter and length- it's as easy as that!

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Codipro DSR Swivel Hoist Ring

From $81.93

Codipro DSS Swivel Lifting Shackle

From $442.96

Codipro SEB Swivel Eye Bolt

From $60.29

Codipro QLR Quick Lift Ring

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Codipro Stainless Steel Double Swivel Shackle

From $1,109.11

Codipro Stainless Steel Double Swivel Ring

From $214.24

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Eyebolts for Lifting

When used for lifting applications Eyebolts are required to feature a unique batch indentifying number, a Working Load Limit (WLL) capacity and should be manufactured and used in-line with the current standard which is ASME B18.15-2015(R2021). Eyebolts are typically used in multiples of 2 and are connected to slings using shackles. Available in powder-coated or stainless steel and a variety of different designs to suit a diverse range of applications.

Swivel Hoist Rings For Angular Lifting

When lifting at an angle or from the side of a load the lifting point is just as important as the sling or spreader beam above, using the wrong type of eyebolt could cost you in ways you never wish to find out. Thankfully when you choose a Swivel Hoist Ring you benefit from being able to handle angular lifts thanks to the 360-degree rotating and 180-degree pivoting design. No twisting and no unintentional stresses when you choose the most advanced type of eyebolt.

Most of our rigging points require installation with a torque-drive ratchet to the limits stated on each unit.