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Forklift Jibs & Hooks

The Ultimate Tool to Improve Your Forklift Capabilities Damaging your truck through improper use is a common occurance for those who don't posess the correct equipment for the task at hand. Lifting a non-palletized load with a forklift could mean you're heading for a disaster if you fail to prepare correctly. Ensuring your have the correct attachment to hand is essential to getting the job done efficiently and safely.

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Tandemloc Single Hook Type Forklift Attachment

From $682.31

Tandemloc Telescopic Forklift Lifting Beam


Morse Fork Mounted Hook 284 Series

$142.00 $169.00

Vestil Telescoping Forklift Boom

From $1,570.99

Tandemloc AS24 Series Single Fork Lifting Beams

From $231.22

Vestil Telescopic Forklift Boom with Tilt

From $2,358.99

Tandemloc AT38 Series Fork Boom

From $1,274.06

Tandemloc Forklift Beam with Center Hook

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What is a Forklift Jib?

A jib arm is a steel boom that attaches to the forks of the truck and essentially turns your machine in to a multi-functional crane by extending its reach to new levels. This enables the user to move and lift a variety of items to and from higher and lower areas without having to take the time to unload and move the item manually as well as lifting large bulky loads that otherwise would not have been possible. It is a perfect tool for warehouses, factories, and other industrial settings as well as construction sites and maintenance applications. There are two main types; fixed and adjustable. Adjustable Forklift Jibs offer the most versatile solution becuase you are able to adjust the position of the boom and hook(s) for various different loads, this is ideal if the unit is for a rental fleet or if you handle a variety of different sized loads.

Benefits of a Forklift Jib Boom

A forklift boom can provide many benefits for businesses and industries. It can help improve workplace safety and efficiency by allowing the user to lift heavier items with ease and stability. This takes away the risk of balancing sling eyes on top of already razor sharp forks with no anchorage- a practice destined for disaster! Additionally, it can reduce the risk of injury further by allowing the user to maintain a secure grip on the item while lifting it.

Upgrade Your FLT with a Jib Arm

Upgrading your truck with a jib can help you reach new heights of efficiency in your workplace. The attachment can help you quickly and safely lift items without having to manually unload and move them. It can also reduce the risk of injury and provide a more secure grip on heavier items. Investing in a boom arm can help you improve your workplace efficiency and safety.

Instantly hooked on our Forklift Hook Attachment

Looking for something a little smaller and nimble? We've got you covered. Meet our Forklift Hook Attachments designed with single or double hooks for coils, rolls and wider loads. What's best is our Tandemloc models are made right here in the USA!

What is a Forklift Hook Attachment?

Also known as a lifting hook, is an essential part of any fork truck setup. This type of attachment provides a secure and reliable way to lift and move various loads. Useful for a variety of tasks and can be used with a wide range of materials, FLT hooks are an ideal choice for any professional FLT operator.

Durable and Cost-Effective

Our hook attachments are designed to be durable, yet cost-effective. These attachments are made from high-quality steel to ensure maximum strength, durability, and reliability. All of our Tandemloc units are built and tested to 125% of the working load capacity, this test is filmed and the result is attested on the test certificate provided with the unit. Looking for something a little cheaper? We have our Vestil range of hook attachments which will meet the required industry standards and your budgets.

Easy to Install and Use

Forklift hook attachments are designed to be easy to install and use. They can be quickly and easily slid over the existing forks and can be used in a variety of different ways such as connecting to slings which connects to a load or for directly connecting to a load. It's a much better way of lifting Vs. using a sling in direct contact with a fork as that can have lethal consiquences.