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Round Slings

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Green Round Sling 5,300lbs


Yellow Round Sling 8,400lbs


Red Round Sling 13,200lbs


Blue Round Sling 21,200lbs


Purple Round Sling 2,600lbs


Brown Round Sling 10,600lbs


Orange Round Sling 31,000lbs


Orange Round Sling 40,000lbs


White Round Sling 16,800lbs


Orange Round Sling 53,000lbs


Orange Round Sling 25,000lbs


Olive Round Sling 100,000lbs


Olive Round Sling 66,000lbs


Hammerhead Endless Slings


Olive Round Sling 90,000lbs


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Round slings are a type of lifting sling , manufactured from polyester or nylon (ours are 100% polyester), they provide a low-abrasive and lightweight rigging solution for loads up to 250Ton. The outter cover/sleeve is soft and offers a non-marking solution whilst the yarn inside bears the loads exherted on the sling during a lift. Round Sling are endless by design meaning that they have no two ends like a Web Sling , the internal yarns are weaved together inside of the sling, one-by-one, the bigger the sling the more internal yarn threads which in turn increases the overall diameter of the sling.

Our Endless Round Slings are 100% domestic down to each thread of yarn being made right here in the United States and come in a variety of color coded capacities up to 100,000lbs online and, we offer significantly larger capacities by email or over the phone.

Round Slings are commonly paired with Shackles and other components to rig and lift a load.