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Hand Operated Pallet Jacks

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Moving heavy items around the workplace can be tiring and also bring health and safety risks to the workplace if you don't have the right equipment. Hand operated pallet jacks can help you with lifting heavy items in the workplace without causing you any strain. Hand operated pallet jacks can usually be found being used in warehouses. You can also buy hand operated pallet jacks that are smaller and are effective with moving lower weight items around the workplace.

Standard lifting capacities of hand operated pallet jacks fall around 2,500kg (2.5 tonnes) and we can offer you heavy-lifting models that can double that number and go up to 5,000kg (5 tonnes).

The higher the high lift ratio the less effort that is required. Hand operated pallet jacks can come with a pair of cushioned handles that are comfortable to hold, pull, and push. The powder-coated surface of our hand operated pallet jacks are both scratch-free and rust-resistant. There are abrasion-resistant wheels on hand operating pallet jacks that stop floor marks from occurring to your workplace floor. The hand operated pallet jacks are made in a way that makes them comfortable on the hands and easy for you to use. You can use hand operated pallet jacks in small and tight spaces, primarily due to the 192-degree turning abilities.

We have a range of hand operated pallet jacks available to you in our product selection below. Our range includes premium manufacturers that include Pfaff Silberblau and Warrior. If you're not sure what hand operated pallet jacks are right for you and your business, please contact an experienced member of the Lifting Equipment Store USA to see how we can provide the right bespoke solution for you.