Electric Chain Hoists

We have an extensive range of Electric Chain Hoists available online, to purchase right away, with capacities ranging from 1/4Ton up to 10Ton and beyond from America’s leading manufacturers such as CM, Coffing, Chester, Yale, Harrington and Bison.

When it comes to choosing a powered hoist, we understand that this can be particularly daunting due to the sheer variety available in the market. But as leading suppliers of high-quality industrial electric chain hoists, here at LES USA, we know a thing or two about hoisting, so here are our top tips when it comes to choosing the right model.

Please consider the following prior to making your decision:

• Height of Lift (distance from hoist unit to load level)

• Safe Working Load (max. weight required to lift safely) • Voltage (110v, 230v or 460v. 50Hz or 60Hz. Single or three phase)

• Beam flange width (determine most suitable beam trolley)

• Indoor or outdoor usage/ specialist environment (special technologies and materials used for outdoor use and explosive, nuclear, wash-down etc. environments)

• Lifts per hour (used to calculated duty cycle for most suitable motor)

If you’re unsure of your requirements, our experienced and knowledgeable Sales Team will be more than happy to guide you through ensuring that you select the ideal model, after all, purchasing a hoist is an investment, one that will increase productivity, so the decision must be the right one.

How does an Electric Chain Hoist work?

Similar to their manual counter-parts, the motorized model features a series of internal gearing which turns a chain sprocket which in turn raises or lowers the hook, the hoist is secured by a brake, but in this instance the brake is an electromagnetic brake which is opened and closed with the operator input from the control pendant. When the user presses the 'Up' button the unit pulls power to the motor which turns the internal gearing, at the same time the brake is released/opened to enable the chain sprocket to move and the hook to raise. When the button is released (or in the event of a power failure) the electromagnetic brake snaps back on and the motor stops turning as the power is cut. The load remains still and controlled unit the hoist buttons are pressed again.

Electric Chain Hoist with Wireless Remote Control
Hoists with remote control units offer huge benefits to the user from increased safety to ultra-convenience. With our Bison models when you select the Remote Control option you benefit from two handsets, so you can charge one whilst you use one. In addition our Bison wireless controlled hoists include a 'pendant changeover switch' mounted to the hoist body which enables the user to switch out the traditional wired pendant control for the radio control system or vice versa. Being wireless enables the user to stand a safe distance from the load and enables a better viewing angle.
The kit includes a cordless receiver which gets mounted to the hoist and two cordless handsets that include emergency stop buttons for added safety as well as the standard wired pendant control for a backup.