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Scaffold Hoists

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Electric Rope Hoist- 700Lb, 115v, 90ft lift

$1,099.00 $1,214.90

Electric Rope Hoist- 500Lb, 115v, 90ft lift

$999.00 $1,151.93

Electric Rope Hoist- 300Lb, 115v, 90ft lift

$799.00 $911.92

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Scaffold hoists are also known as builder hoists. They are used for lifting and lowering loads, predominantly up and down scaffolds making them an ideal product to be purchased if you are in the construction industry. You can see the full range in the product selections below.

Scaffold hoists can be used by roofers. It is normally fixed to one of the scaffolding poles and secured with a clamp which is done to make sure that are secure. Some models only hook and do not clamp. It depends on what best suits you and your requirements and we encourage you to check the requirements before purchasing any scaffold hoists so you can get the best results from your scaffold hoists.

Construction work often requires materials to be taken to great heights and therefore require scaffolding equipment that might include scaffold hoists. Workers normally climb up themselves, but materials often need to be vertically and horizontally lifted.

Therefore,  are used to lift the material to the desired destination. This is the safest way to carry materials to avoid damage to the construction work and injury to the worker. Therefore, it decreases the risk of injury overall. They can be positioned wherever required and the lifting can be done fairly quickly.

If you have any questions on what type of scaffold hoists your business needs, you can contact a member of the Lifting Equipment Store today to find out how they can help your situation.