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Tandemloc 20ft Container Cart With Pneumatic Tires

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Tandemloc Container Moving Cart

Price on Application

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Container moving carts allow heavy goods to be transported around your workplace without straining your back. Of course, you can still use it to transport lighter goods around your workplace to speed up the time it would take manually due to larger quantities being moved.

Container moving carts are easy to load and can easily be maneuvered using the handles. The handles are also gentle on the hands and will not cause friction burn. Rolling the container moving carts on flat surfaces allows the carts to be moved easily and more efficiently throughout your workspace which might be somewhere like a warehouse. Container moving carts are designed in a way to handle heavy loads and go over rougher terrain that naturally surrounds workplaces or shipyards where containers are present.

You can see the full range of our container moving carts below.