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Tandemloc Spreader Beams

When it comes to quality we don't play lightly, and neight does our partner brand Tandemloc. With each product undergoing strict quality control that exceeds industry standards, you can be sure you're getting the absolute best when you buy any Tandemloc Spreader Beam. Their paint system is specifically intended for marine applications and will stand up to the most demanding environments. Every beam is proof tested using Tandemloc's 300Ton test bed where a video recording is made of the test that is date and load-stamped, customers can obtain a copy of this on request for absolute peace-of-mind. Normally in stock, most Tandemloc Spreader Beams ship extremely quickly.

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Tandemloc Spreader Beam End Caps

From $566.14

Tandemloc Telescopic Adjustable Spreader Beam Kits

From $1,627.99

Tandemloc Telescopic Forklift Lifting Beam


Tandemloc AL50 Series Combination Spreader Beam

From $3,526.77

Tandemloc ISO Container Spreader Beam

From $8,355.97

Tandemloc Rapid Ready Spreader Beams

Price on Application

Tandemloc Forklift Spreader Bar with Multiple Padeyes

Price on Application

Tandemloc Forklift Multi-Pick Spreader Beam

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Tandemloc Aluminum Spreader Beam End Caps

From $990.04

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Rapid-Ready Tandemloc Spreader Beams

When you're in a hurry and you've already gone through the trouble of getting finance to approve your rigging purchase, the last thing you want to hear is that the beam you need is 10-14 weeks away. Tandemloc Spreader Beams are part of Tandemloc's Rapid-Ready program meaning that you can get your hands on them much faster than that. We carry a huge quantity of spreader bars in inventory and ready to ship immediately.

Why Buy a Tandemloc Spreader Bar?

It's no secret that you can buy a cheaper alternative to Tandemloc, but will it be as good? Of course not. When you buy a Tandemloc spreader beam you're investing in a quality piece of engineering that has been designed by industry leading experts, the same experts that design lifting beams for NASA projects. Now you may not be on a mission to space, but a life is a life and aside from quality, safety is paramount- it's worth investing in Tandemloc for quality and safety.