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Vertical Lifting Clamps

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Camlok Container Lifting Lugs


Vestil Vertical Plate Clamps


Tandemloc i-Beam Clamps


Bison Vertical Plate Clamps


Bison Universal Plate Clamps


Camlok CP Pitching Clamp


Camlok CY Vertical Steel Plate Clamps


Vestil Vertical Clamps with Chain


Camlok CG Girder Turning Clamps


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Vertical Lifting Clamps lift sheet metal and sheet steel plates in a vertical manner by having a secure grip using its jaws of the clamp. The jaws on vertical lifting clamps are powerful and should be used carefully.

We supply Vestil and Camlok brands. Vestil are imported whilst Camlok are our premium top quality brand manufactured in the United Kingdom , distributed in the USA by LES.

Are ideal for lifting steel plates and is what they are mostly used for. The amount of weight these clamps can carry depends on the make and specifications of those vertical lifting clamps. Working load limits vary so we encourage you to check the products below for more details and to make sure it's suitable for your needs.

The shape can vary depending on the manufacturer of the clamp and you should always check the shape is suitable for your workspace. There are vertical lifting clamps that are able to rotate 180 degrees and can be fitted accordingly. The jaws normally open and close using a locking lever (cam). The clamps overall are easy and reliable to use.

If you have any questions on how you can Vertical Lifting Clamps , please contact an experienced member of the Lifting Equipment Store USA to see how they can help your business.