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Electric Hoists

Electric Hoists are designed to handle heavy loads repeatedly and are often found in industrial applications suspended from an I-beam or crane system to help with transportation and production. When you buy a powered hoist you enter a world of increased efficiency and safety, see our range of motor driven and hook suspended models to experience the difference.

Often, choosing between a Wire Rope Hoist and an Electric Chain Hoist poses a dilemma, as they both perform the same function but are designed for different load types and operating methods.

But when operating using an incorrect electric hoist, problems may occur, leaving you with unwanted expenses that could’ve been easily avoided. So, at LES USA, we have a solution to suit any lifting requirement – with lifting capacities up to 50 tonnes – but we recommend that you understand the differences before making a purchase.

Generally speaking, wire hoists are used in stationery equipment that lifts heavier loads, and have proven extremely efficiency in work environments that are exposed to changing conditions such as heat. However, wire rope hoists utilize more complex handling procedures that require more space to undertake – think, space is essential.

On the flip side, chain hoists are best utilized in temporary settings, as they can be easily transported from one area to another. These more flexible solutions are typically used in smaller factories, maintenance works, work stations, as opposed to huge foundries etc. Chain Hoists can also facilitate the operations of a jib, hand-push and gantry cranes.

Now that you have a better understanding between these two very similar types, we hope that you can make an informed decision to suit your requirements, but one final thing that you must consider is training. Although very similar, two separate types of training must be considered when switching from one to the other.