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Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Verlinde are providers of high quality electric wire rope hoists that you should consider looking at if you need an electric wire rope hoist. These electric wire rope hoists are designed to handle heavy duty loads going up to a weight of 250 tonnes (although this may vary) and offer fast lifting speeds to save time and hassle. Electric wire rope hoists are useful and are a great solution for operations that require vertical lifting. In addition, by using an electric wire rope hoist, you can be assured of precision lifting and accurate positioning.

There are different types of wire rope hoists with different drum and motor combinations. Your intended application will determine the most suitable electric wire rope hoist you should be using with an example being grooved drums that can be used to increase accuracy while multiple drums can be used to compound strength.

Electric wire rope hoists are the obvious choice for heavier loads and they are also best suited to long working hours or handling a high volume of loads within a short period of time and perform well in extreme environments like intense heat or harsh weather conditions. A wire rope hoist lifts and lowers by winding/unwinding the wire rope on the length of the drum

There are also electric chain hoists that differ from electric wire rope hoists. Electric wire rope hoists have a higher lifting capacity and electric chain hoists can lift around 10 tonnes. It depends on your requirement as to which one to pick and we always recommend you check what you need your electric wire rope hoist to do before purchasing one. You can always contact a member of the Lifting Equipment Store USA if you need to discuss which one is the right solution for you.

Both the electric wire rope hoists and the electric chain hoists are robust and perform well. You can see the full range of our electric wire rope hoists below.