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Oilfield Equipment

What is an Oilfield?

An oilfield (or Oil Field as two words) is a physical area which can be offshore or onshore that contains oil wells or pools of oil which normally spanning many miles since hydrocarbon resevoirs are normally distributed over a vast area below the surface of the earth. There are more than 40,000 oilfields known throughout the world and more being built every day with the largest ones being located in the Middle East.

What is Oilfield Equipment?

Oilfield Equipment comes in many forms, the most obvious being the above surface drilling rigs which can easily be spotted if you've ever passed by one of these vast fields of production whilst some of the less obvious equipment is either nestled up close in the drill rigs such as Drill Lines, Snatch Blocks, as well as below the surface items such as Drill Bits, Drill Strings, Casting Heads & Wellheads and that all important Flow Line! There are many components that make up a drill rig, thus comprising of Oilfield Equipment and various other elements which contribute towards Oilfield operations such as tankers, pipe racks, maifolds, pumps, premix tanks and much more.

How We Can Help With Oilfield Rigging!

The important part!! LES USA are distributors of the top Oilfield Equipment Rigging brands such as Crosby, CM, Tandemloc and more, in addition we work hand-in-hand with the world's biggest rigging shop! LES USA appreciate and understand your rigging demands are time-sensitive and we're standing by at the ready for your request for Drill Lines, Rigging Hardware, Drill Strings, Crown Blocks, Traveling Blocks, Swivels, Snatch Blocks and more.