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Davit Cranes are the ultimate portable, diverse and cost-effective shop crane solution. Fixed or portable, our Reid and Thern Davit Crane bases can be secured by chemical resin anchors or mounted in a variety of portable solutions for use in a number of different applications, and perfect for rental fleets. Frequently used by Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWT) to lift waste water pumps or sewage pumps for their regular maintenance- which is why you'll often hear these called 'Pump Cranes' and these customers often choose the Galvanized finish with a pedestal base.

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Vestil Truck Mounted Davit Crane

$549.95 $597.85

OZ Lifting Tele-Pro Wall Mount Base

From $393.25

OZ Lifting Tele-Pro Pedestal Base

From $378.13

OZ Lifting Tele-Pro Socket Base

From $290.40

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Floor-mounted Portable Davit Cranes are designed to be easy to use, transportable and swivel easily under load with the addition of the Thern bearing system. Available in powder-coated, epoxy, galvanized or stainless steel (304 or 316) for every day, pharmaceutical, outdoor and chemical or corrosive applications. Choose pedestal, wall-mounted, or wheel bases and pick your desired cable length. Most applications choose several bases per crane so save on money thanks to their super lightweight design.

Thern Davit Cranes are available with special military and custom designs such as specialist paint colors, finishes etc. Please contact our sales team for buying options.

Choose between adjustable boom lengths, heights and finishes as well as electric or manual winches, accessories and controls. Buy your custom-made boom arm crane online from LES USA.

Portable Davit Crane Manufacturers offered: Thern and Reid Lifting

Marine Davit Cranes from Thern

Marine Davit Cranes feature stainless steel columns and booms as well as stainless steel or epoxy coated winches for salty outdoor and corrosive key-side applications. Stainless Steel anchor bolts are also available to increase the lifespan of the fixings and ensure a safe and secure fit. All of our Thern Davit Crane models are available in stainless steel finishes to Marine specifications, these are easily purchased online with stainless steel winch cables or you can contact our sales team who have a wealth of experience when it comes to your next Marine Davit Crane application.

Electric Davit Cranes

Davits fitted with electric winches constitute as Electric Davit Cranes, typically the winch is the only motorized part of the crane and the boom rotation and/or extension is controlled manually. Nearly all of our cranes are available with powered winches fitted, but did you know you could save money by selecting a winch like the Thern M2 Worm Gear winch that has drill-drive capability? That's right, you could have a manual winch which enables you to power it using a cordless drill or the included manual handle, not all Electric Davit Cranes have to break the bank!

What is the difference between a Jib Crane and a Davit Crane?

A Jib Crane is typically a larger and more heavy-duty structure designed to be installed and not easily moved. Jib cranes are intended to be a permanent installation and are significantly more expensive due to their size and ability in comparison to a Davit. Jibs can be manufactured significantly taller and with a much longer reach. If the crane needs to reach more than a few feet then it's a good consideration to check them out.