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Specialist Lifting Clamps

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Camlok Container Lifting Lugs

From $1,894.00

Tandemloc Heavy-Duty Pipe Lifting Grabs

From $486.88

Vestil Bulk Bag Lifter Frame- 4000lb

$448.99 $529.90

Tandemloc Concrete Barrier Grabs

From $5,659.08

Camlok TTR Vertical Girder Clamp


Camlok CP Pitching Clamp

From $2,347.00

Tandemloc AN17A Lightweight Pallet Lifter

From $2,417.62

Tandemloc Heavy-Duty Coil Lifters

Price on Application

Tandemloc Coil Lifters

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Camlok CG Girder Turning Clamps

From $1,505.00

Camlok CX Heavy-Duty Hinged Universal Plate Clamp

From $2,417.00

Camlok Twin Beam Clamps


Camlok Screw Clamp


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Specialised lifting clamps are suitable for a variety of purposes. Specialist lifting clamps are ideal for metal objects-unlike the other clamps.

Materials such as; plasterboard, stone, and wood can require the use of board clamps.  Examples of specialised lifting clamps are drum lifting clamps, kerbstone clamps, manhole ring lifters, pipe lifting clamps, rail handling clamps, pile pitching clamps, board clamps, and pulling clamps.

The Atex Beam Clamp is a great specialised lifting clamp for potentially explosive atmospheres. Another great example of specialised lifting clamps is the BCB bulb anchor which can often found in ship compartments. The BCB model has been designed not only for vertical use but also for side load applications making it a useful specialised lifting clamp.

The Tiger Universal Beam Clamp is a popular specialised lifting clamp. It can be used for vertical use and it can be used for lifting side loads if required. It is flexible but the working load limit should not be exceeded. This type of specialised lifting clamp can be operated at full rated capacity at any lifting angle while being able to accommodate a wide range of beam lengths.

You can see the range of specialised lifting clamps we have available below. Please contact a member of the Lifting Equipment Store USA team if you have any questions on which specialised lifting clamps are right for your business.