Outrigger Pads

Dica Outrigger Pads are premium quality truck and mobile crane stabilizer pads that provide a stable and level footing for crane and truck outrigger legs, also used by aerial lifts, RV's, backhoe loaders, diggers, boom trucks, self erecting tower cranes, mobile substations, rock crushers, scaffolding, service trucks, skip trucks, well-drilling trucks, forestry trucks, bucket trucks, telehandlers and carrier mounted tower cranes.

Our Outrigger Pads are for sale at the best prices and include HiViz TruffGrip® handles which are guaranteed to be unbreakable, comfortable, waterproof, UV, hydraulic fluid and road checmical resistant, highly vizible and easy to carry. We offer Plastic Outrigger Mats (thermoplastic) known as the Safety Tech models which are designed and sized to never fail. Each pad is domestically manufactured here in the USA which ensures we stay true to our core value of 'Supporting American Manufacture'. Why buy poor quality imports?!

In addition, our Dica Outrigger Pads are guaranteed to be unbreakable. Every mat is Non-conductive of electricity and does not rot like a wooden solution. Each mat is resistant to checmicals and water giving you a truly awesome product with an industrial life span.

What are Crane Pads?

Crane Outrigger Pads are designed to provide a stable and heavy-duty foot when using a mobile crane, this allows the boom to reach its maximum potential length without it tipping over.

What are Outrigger Pads?

Outrigger Pads are thick heavy-duty pads that sit under each crane stabilizer leg which provide support and stability by distributing the load more evenly over the ground. Also known as a 'Crane Ground Mat' or 'Crane Leg Mat' these robust pads provide excellent footing in the most challenging applications. Our Dica models can be stacked to provide even more height and protection.