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Specialist Pallet Trucks

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Tandemloc AN18A Standard Fixed Fork Pallet Lifters

From $2,869.50

Tandemloc AN17W Wheeled Lightweight Pallet Lifters

From $3,600.08

Vestil Tote Lifter

From $1,238.88

Tandemloc AN17A Lightweight Pallet Lifter

From $2,417.62

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Specialist pallet trucks are the non-standard pallet trucks that are designed to suit your special requirements in your workplace. Specialist pallet trucks are required to suit specific warehouses, construction sites, factories, and more workplaces of that nature. The standard pallet trucks we offer can be modified to suit your bespoke needs. Examples of these specialist pallet trucks include single fork pallet trucks, adjustable pallet trucks, reel carrying pallet trucks, 4-way pallet trucks, ATEX approved, and drum handling to name a few.

We have a range of these items listed above and are confident we can supply specialist pallet trucks that are right for your businesses requirements.

If you are unsure on what type of specialist pallet trucks you need for your business or are after a bespoke solution, please contact an experienced member of the Lifting Equipment Store USA team today where we can assist in finding the right solution for you.