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Air Tugger Winches

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Thern Utility Rated Air Winches

From $35,030.00

Thern Mini Series Radical Piston Air Winches

From $13,880.00

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What is an Air Winch?

Air Tuggers and Air Winches are heavy-duty air/pneumatic powered winches favored for lifting and pulling heavier than normal loads, our Thern Big Red Heavy-Duty Air Tugger boasts a load rating up to 37,000lbs which is usually enough to move a thing or two when the going gets tough!

Used in industrial applications such as at oilfields, marine, mining, construction, oil & gas, offshore, railroad, mounted on vessels and much more. Thern Air Tuggers are made in the United States and backed with the strictest quality assurance and testing regime.

Models suitable for wire ropes up to 0.88" diameter and drums that can accomodate up to 2780ft mean that you can fulfil almost any industrial winching requirement with our range of Air Tuggers.