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REID Lifting Aluminum Davit Socket Extensions

From $1,252.79

REID Lifting Bridge-Mount Davit Socket


REID Lifting Side-Mounted Davit Socket


REID Lifting Flush-Mount Davit Socket


Reid Lifting Top-Mounted Davit Socket


REID Lifting Winched TDavit Portable Davit Crane

From $3,736.17

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REID Lifting Inc. is a leading manufacturer of lightweight, portable lifting systems, designed for both materials and personnel loads of up to 11,000lbs.

Over the course of its 25 years in business, this innovative company has continued to push the boundaries of design, engineering, and manufacturing, today placing themselves at the forefront of the industry, helping customers all over the world, across a truly versatile and diverse range of industries. REID's objective is simple - 'to keep people safe when lifting and lowering.'

With many of REID's products patented, they have become the go-to for standard and bespoke lifting solutions, now, trusted by several leading companies across the globe.