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Container Spreaders & Beams

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Camlok Container Lifting Lugs

From $1,894.00

Tandemloc 20901AA Series Container Lifting Lug

From $326.41

Tandemloc Rotary Container Lifting Lug


Tandemloc ISO Container Spreader Beam

From $8,355.97

Tandemloc Autoloc Spreader Container Lifting Frame

From $29,945.66

Tandemloc Modular Autoloc 70,500lbs Spreader Frame

From $49,074.15

Tandemloc AL50 Series Combination Spreader Beam

From $3,526.77

Tandemloc Forklift Multi-Pick Spreader Beam

Price on Application

Tandemloc H-Style Adjustable Lifting Beam


Tandemloc Pipe Sleeves

From $779.18

Tandemloc Aluminum Spreader Beam End Caps

From $990.04

Tandemloc Corner Cap Spreader Frame


Tandemloc 40ft Forklift Container Spreader


Tandemloc 20ft Forklift Spreader Bar

Price on Application

Tandemloc Forklift Spreader Bar with Multiple Padeyes

Price on Application

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There are semi-automatic container spreaders and manual container spreaders. Each of these container spreaders works in slightly different ways.

Container spreaders are fixed to hooks of items such as a gantry, bridge, and portal cranes. Container spreaders have twist-lock control and a special rope pull. Hooking and unhooking are done by the operators and this process should be done carefully and considerately as to not cause any health and safety risks. There is no need to arrange a power supply for the spreader. Overall, it is designed for lifting shipping containers and flat rack skid frames.

Lifting beams are most popularly used by our customers for the onboarding of general cargo vessels where it's attached to a crane to operate the movement of the sometimes extremely heavy containers. The capacity of the container spreaders is in different ranges and the lifting beam accommodates the specific crane.

You can see the full range of our container spreaders and beams below. If you're unsure of whether a container spreader and/or beam is for you or which one to get, please contact an experienced member of the Lifting Equipment Store USA team today.