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Wall/Column Mount Jib Cranes

Our Wall Mount and Column Mount Jib Cranes from HSI cover a wide range of lifting applications, with safe working loads up to 10,000lbs, and span lengths of up to 20ft.

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HSI 250lbs Cantilever Style Jib Crane

From $1,795.00

HSI 500lbs Cantilever Style Jib Crane

From $1,795.00

HSI 1000lbs Cantilever Style Jib Crane

From $1,850.00

HSI 1500lbs Cantilever Style Jib Crane

From $1,923.00

HSI 2000lbs Cantilever Style Jib Crane

From $1,923.00

HSI 3000lbs Cantilever Style Jib Crane

From $2,733.00

HSI 4000lbs Cantilever Style Jib Crane

From $2,733.00

HSI 6000lbs Cantilever Style Jib Crane

From $3,623.00

HSI 8000lbs Cantilever Style Jib Crane

From $7,517.00

HSI 10000lbs Cantilever Style Jib Crane

From $7,949.00

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Column/Wall-mounted jib cranes are essential in many industrial and commercial settings, providing a practical solution for material handling tasks. These cranes are characterized by their space-saving design, which mounts the jib arm directly to a wall or structural column, freeing up valuable floor space.

Design and Functionality: Column/Wall-mounted jib cranes typically consist of a horizontal jib arm that rotates about a fixed pivot point. The arm can swing in a semi-circular arc, usually up to 180 degrees, allowing for versatile movement of materials within its range. They are ideal for applications where space constraints limit the use of floor-mounted cranes or where a permanent overhead structure isn't feasible.

Applications: These cranes are widely used in manufacturing plants, workshops, and warehouses. Their primary applications include lifting and moving heavy components, positioning parts for assembly, and transferring materials between workstations. The compact design makes them perfect for environments where precision and efficiency are crucial, such as in machining centers or assembly lines.

Advantages: Key benefits include ease of installation, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to handle loads ranging from a few hundred pounds to several tons, depending on the model. The wall-mounted design eliminates the need for complex floor support structures, reducing installation and maintenance costs.

Column and Wall-Mounted jib cranes offer a practical, efficient, and versatile lifting solution for diverse industrial environments, making them a valuable asset in optimizing workflow and enhancing productivity.