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What is a Wire Rope Sling?

A wire rope sling is a Lifting Sling manufactured from a length of steel cable, usually made from galvanized or stainless steel, that is used for lifting or securing an object or load. Wire ropes for rigging are strong and reliable, and can be used in a variety of applications including construction, manufacturing, and transportation. With their ability to lift extremely heavy loads these slings provide an extremely cost-effective and safe solution for rigging and we have them made just how you want them, right here in Texas!

Different Types of Wire Rope Slings

There are many different types available, each offering a unique set of benefits and features. Typically categorized based on their number of legs (single-leg, double-leg, tripple leg or quad-leg) or by the construction of the sling (vertical, basket, choker, etc.). The right type of sling will depend on the task at hand, so it’s important to select the correct type for the job.
Firstly you'll need to determine the capacity or breaking strength you require, this dictates the diameter of the steel cable used to make the sling so it's a critical first thought. Secondly you'll need to consider how many legs of rope you'll need coming down off the master link, this can be between 1 and 4. Additionally you must determine the length of these rope legs (once cut and pressed these typically are not modified so you may require several sets of slings for various applications if you choose to stick with the steel wire solution, chain on the otherhand would allow for easy adjustment!). Lastly you should choose the type of end-fitting or termination you would like on each leg, this usually starts with a re-enforced eyelet and you can then choose from a sling hook with spring latch, self-locking hook or shackle (maybe even a variety?!) or we can even fit them with master links, it's really down to your individual lift requirements.

Get the Right Solution for Your Needs

At LES, we understand that every job is different, and that’s why we offer a wide selection of wire rope slings to fit every application. Our experts are on-hand to help you choose your next rigging setup and get you what you need fast!