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Drum Dollies & Carts

A Drum Dolly enables easy transportation of drums and barrels.

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Morse 4-Wheel Drum Truck 30 & 55 Gallon

$534.00 $620.00

Morse 55 Gallon Heavy-Duty Drum Dolly

$138.00 $158.00

Morse 30-Gallon Drum Dolly


Morse Drum Palletizer Trolley


Morse 30/55-Gallon Drum Cradle


Morse 55-Gallon Drum Spotter


Low Profile Drum Lifter (Loader) Truck


Morse 55-Gallon Drum Cradle Truck


Morse 15-Gallon Drum Cradle Truck


Vestil 30 & 55 Gallon Portable Drum Truck


Vestil Welding Cylinder Carts


Vestil Welding Tank Cart

Price on Application

Vestil Cylinder Dollies


Vestil Revolving Drum Cart


Vestil 55 Gallon Portable Drum Truck


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Drum dollies and carts are useful if you need to move chemicals as these often have to be frequently stored and transported to other areas of a workspace dealing with chemicals. The reason drum dollies and carts are good for moving drums that might have fluids and chemicals is that drum dollies ensure safe and stable transportation of the hazardous belongings.

You manually place the drum on the dolly and you can manually push to your allocated location. The wheels also rotate so it is easier to push in the direction desired. The wheels work on most surfaces but smoother surfaces are better and make the wheels run more effectively. Carts are also used to transport materials and are normally big enough to fit a lot of material inside. They also come with wheels that are easy to maneuver around the warehouse.

There's a range of things that drums can move and what its moving will depend on the drum dolly and cart you will need. Different dollies accommodate different weights and materials which is why it's important you pick the right one for you so it can carry the drums that you use.

You can see the full range below. If you're unsure what type of drum dollie and cart you need to carry your goods, please contact an experienced member of the Lifting Equipment Store USA team to discuss the right product solution for you.