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Safety Harness Kits

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Working at heights can be extremely dangerous with various health and safety considerations which is why it's important you have the correct safety equipment in place and consider safety harness kits if working at dangerous heights. You can see the range of our safety harness kits below.

Safety harness kits usually include three key items which include a 2m polyester shock-absorbing fall arrest lanyard, an adjustable harness (1-3 points), and a backpack for storage.

These kits avoid the need to buy separate parts that may not fit together safely and make it easier to have everything in one. Safety harness kits may come with other extras, however, you will need to check to ensure you know what comes with each safety harness kit deal.

If you have any questions on the safety harness kits available below, you can get in touch with a member of the Lifting Equipment Store USA where an experienced member of the team will help answer your questions.