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Electric Pallet Jacks

LES USA supply a full range of Electric Pallet Jacks from Vestil that offer quality and value with fast shipping times- what's not to love?!

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Vestil Economy Fully Automatic Electric Pallet Truck

$2,889.00 $3,301.98

Vestil Tote Lifter

From $1,238.88

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The Best Electric Pallet Jacks Anyone Can Operate

Buying the best Electric Pallet Jack is easy, and anyone can use our range once familiar with the operating guide and how they work. Here's your guide to getting the most out of your investment:

  • Always read the user manual before use, there's always a thing or two you can learn that you didn't already know!
  • Ensure a suitable power supply is close by for charging of the truck battery
  • Fully charge your truck before use
  • Buy a unit that has two batteries for added convenience
  • Take the keys with you when you're done

How much can an Electric Pallet Truck lift?

This goes according to model but generally motorized pallet trucks can lift between 3000lbs up to 8000lbs on heavy duty models. However, when heading up to those higher numbers once should consider a forklift truck and if it will benefit the application more than a electric pallet mover.