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Fall Protection

Fall Protection focuses on you and your employee’s safety at various heights when working. Heights can vary but height is classed as anything above the ground level. It's imperative to find the right equipment so that it can act as trustworthy preventative equipment and avoid injury to you or others. All of Lifting Equipment Stores customers' health and safety is a priority which is why you can find trustworthy and robust fall protection equipment on our online store.

If precautions are not taken, a person could fall and be liable for a cause of personal injury if they have been specifically informed of the safety concerns. So far, working with heights remains one of the biggest causes of major injury in the workplace and can result in a person's death. Therefore, safety is important and should be taken seriously by all employers and personnel on-site where there are height safety concerns.

Height safety equipment most commonly used includes safety harnesses, fall arrests, restraint gear, and connectors and accessories, all of which can be purchased from Lifting Equipment Store USA.

Employers should make sure that all safety equipment fits various sizes so that the workers are safe while not feeling uncomfortable. This is especially important when wearing a safety harness as the safety equipment. The equipment above ensures employee safety and ensures employees get to and from heights safely with minimum risks able to occur. Of course, these products are only preventative and injury still may occur.

For more information about these products, please see below our range of fall protection equipment. If you have any questions on which safety gear is best for you and your business, please contact an experienced member of the Lifting Equipment Store USA team today.