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Cargo Securement from Kinedyne

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Kinedyne 4" Delta Ring Winch Strap

From $20.08

Kinedyne Standard Painted Winch Bar


Kinedyne 4" Rhino MAX Flat Hook Winch Strap

From $25.02

Kinedyne 2" Flat Hook Ratchet Strap

From $19.95

Reflective VeeBoard®


Kinedyne VeeBoard®

From $15.54

Kinedyne Standard Chrome Winch Bar


Kinedyne 4" Flat Hook Winch Strap

From $14.72

Kinedyne 3" Chain Anchor Winch Strap

From $27.92

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Kinedyne offer a complete cargo securement range with everything needed to tie down and secure heavy freight on flatbed, curtain-side and enclosed trailers, evolving over five decades ago beginning as a single facility in NJ to what is now an international organization with more than 500 employees across four countries.

Next time you're rolling down the interstate or pulled up at a service station- take look at the straps on the back of a flatbed truck, more often than not, they'll say Kinedyne on the webbing.

You can be sure to trust "The Cargo Control People!"