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Specialist Load/Tension Monitoring

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Straightpoint LoadLink Plus Load Cell

From $3,188.00

Straightpoint LoadBlock Plus Compression Load Cell

From $3,114.00

Straightpoint S Beam Load Cell

From $2,181.00

Straightpoint Loadpins

From $4,065.00

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Specialist loads are specialized precisely for your needs. Specialist load monitoring can range in types and some are wireless load monitoring crane scales, load cells, shackles, and compression cells. Specialist load monitoring equipment is extremely useful and good value for money. There are different scales with the variations that are a size that is useful for your workplace and easy to take readings from them.

Tension monitoring prevents the cables from being thrown by automatically reversing the opener when slack is present. The spring keeps the tension and you should avoid the cable coming off the drum.

We supply high-quality manufacturers of specialist load and tension monitoring equipment as we only like to provide our customers with the best equipment with these high quality brands including Straight Point, Tractel, and Yale.

If you have any questions about what specialist load and tension monitoring equipment is right for your business, please contact an experienced member of the Lifting Equipment Store USA team to assist you in what product is right for you.