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Jib Cranes

Jib Cranes are commonly called other names, we've listed the below product categories that fall under the jib arm family.

Made In The USA Jib Cranes

Our Swing Jibs are proudly manufactured in the United States and are built to the higest standards to meet the demands of industrial America. With fast and local manufacture our vendors are able to ensure production stays on track for your deadline. Need a technical drawing or CAD design? We can help. We can provide everything you need to model your crane system in to your next computer aided design. You won't get that from China!

What is a Jib Crane?

A Jib Crane is a lifting system made up of two major structures- a Jib Arm and a Column. The Column is typically fixed to the ground using chemical resin anchors to securely hold it in place (permanently). The Jib Arm is mounted on to the column post which forms an upright with a horizontal cross arm to suspend a hoist in order to load machinery or handle other production line tasks. You can install this type of crane with a manual or electric chain hoist .

Types of Jib Cranes