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Self Retracting Lifelines

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KStrong Micron 6ft Self Retracting Lifelines

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Self Retracting Lifelines, abbreviated to SRL’s, are safety devices that are widely used across various industries, such as construction, maintenance, and any other where workers are exposed to fall hazards, to protect workers from falling when operating at height.

They are classed as a type of fall protection equipment, designed to automatically and quickly arrest a fall and limit the distance a worker can fall.

There are several types of SRL’s including cable, webbing, and personal, all offering a wide range of USP’s, with employee safety at the core of every design.

The length of the lifeline and the distance it allows a worker to fall are critical considerations when deciding which product to purchase. It is vital to choose an SRL that provides enough fall clearance to prevent the worker from hitting a lower level.

In order to further improve safety, some SRL incorporate energy absorption technology which helps to reduce the forces transmitted during a fall.

Self-Retracting Lifelines should also comply with the relevant and up-to-date safety standards and regulations such as OSHA and ANSI.

Like all safety equipment, SRL’s require regular inspection and maintenance, whilst its also crucial for users to receive proper and adequate training on the correct use of self retracting lifelines in order to minimize risks and create a safe working environment.